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Edibles is a downloadable software

 application to use on your iphone.  We know you are on the go.  Use edibles to maintain a diet journal and track your caloric intake.

Purchase and download Edibles from the Apple Itunes Store for $4.99. 



Edibles is a computer application software that you can download from iTunes and use on the go on your iPhone. Use Edibles to track and count calories 'wherever you are' right from your mobile phone. We know you are not always at your computer when enjoying a meal or snack.

Features include:

- Tracks calories and automatically deducts it from configurable daily, weekly, and exercise pools.
- Tracks exercise and automatically adds the calories you earn from your exercise to your exercise calorie pool.
- Keeps a user-defined database of your favorite foods so that you never have to enter the same food twice.
- Keeps daily entries as long as you choose to have them.
- Built-in programmable calculator can be configured to calculate nutritional information. 
- Food categories allow you to track specific food types you want to be sure you eat daily. It does this automatically without having to manually choose "Water", "Vegetables", "Fruit" etc.
- Automatically resets weekly allowances on a specific configured day.
- Keeps a chart of your weight and allows you to track your progress toward your goal.
- Calculates and displays your BMI with other weight statistics such as current weight, average lost, total lost, etc.
- Fully supports metric and european units.
- Automatically calculates your daily caloric needs.

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